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T4SM has been appointed to the EU Commission’s new expert group on urban mobility (EGUM) and our Chairperson Gregor Beiner represented the coalition at the first meeting in Brussels on 25th October.

EGUM serves as a reinforced platform for dialogue and the co-creation of actions to implement the new EU urban mobility framework with the aim to improve dialogue between member states, cities, regions, and stakeholders on all urban mobility issues. Its main task is to assist the Commission in relation to the implementation of existing EU legislation, programmes and policies, as well as in the preparation of legislative proposals and policy initiatives.

It was a great opportunity to exchange views and ideas with fellow expert group members. This first session served as an introduction to the new EU urban mobility framework, its building blocks and actions. Furthermore they discussed the objectives and 2023 work programme for the EGUM.

Alongside T4SM, members of the group include 27 representatives from Member State authorities, and 24 representatives from other organisations. We look forward to fruitful discussions in which we will have a seat at the table. The next EGUM meeting will be held in February 2023.