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We are a coalition of like-minded, innovative, and socially responsible taxi organisations. Previously known as Taxi 4 Smart Cities, the organisation has expanded and is now the largest taxi coalition at EU level. T4SM represents a large part of the European taxi industry, with our members operating in cities and rural areas across Europe.

We believe that to accelerate the development of sustainable mobility in European cities and rural areas, national authorities, as well as European policymakers, should work hand in hand with responsible taxi companies, such as our members, to safeguard and drive forward the sustainable, innovative and socially responsible future of the industry. 

T4SM aims at facilitating this collaboration while ensuring that the taxi industry continues to be regulated under local and national legislation, in line with the subsidiarity principle, as the circumstances under which it operates are context-specific to the local area – from Europe’s smallest village to its biggest metropoles.

The taxi industry ensures mobility on a daily basis and even in times of a global pandemic this was a matter of high priority. Our members have many best practices in place that showcase the excellent standard of work carried out, from providing safe taxis during Covid-19 times to maximising efforts towards fleet greening.

Find out more by reading our Best Practices booklet.